6 Reasons You Should NOT Eat Local

There’s a lot of talk about eating local these days, but as with anything else, it’s not for everybody. Here’s a list of reasons why you might be one of those who’ll want to think twice about this.  You should not eat local if; 1) You like your food well traveled.  ...

A Guide To Microgreens

What are microgreens? Microgreens are essentially young, edible leafy greens such as lettuce, beets, sunflowers, radishes, spinach, kale and many more, harvested at 1-3 inches between 2-21 days after planting. Different from sprouts, which are grown in water,...

6 Low-Waste (& Nutrient Dense!) Valentine’s Gift Ideas

How do Americans say “I love you” on Valentine’s Day? According to statistics, we do it by spending money - and a lot of it! Here are a few Valentine's Day spending figures to make your heart pound, gleaned from the National Retail Federation’s Valentine’s Day...

Slow Shopping

The season of celebration and festivity has begun, and with it a blast of cultural messaging telling us that it's time to get busy and buy lots of things! Meanwhile (here in the northern hemisphere) the light is waning, the plants are shifting into dormancy and...

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