Healthy Homemade Mayonnaise

This simple, homemade mayonnaise recipe changes everything! Eating store-bought mayonnaise is like eating chemical goo. Mayonnaise is one of America’s favorite condiments. It’s at the heart of so many of our favorite things. I’m thinking about potato and egg salad,...

How to Dye Eggs Naturally for Easter

The tradition of dyeing Easter eggs goes way back, most likely even before Easter itself, to pagan times when spring celebrations included decorating eggs as a symbol of rebirth. For me personally, the ritual goes back to the sixties, a kitchen table covered with...

Spring Equinox (under snow)

If you're anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic on this Spring Equinox in 2018, then you've probably had a day much like ours...the cozy, yummy snow day that we've been waiting for all winter. In celebration of this ironic turn of seasons, we're sharing the Spring Equinox post...

The Potato Hack(s)

Folk tradition has it that you should plant potatoes by St. Patrick’s Day. I’m always excited for this early spring task. It’s like opening day for the garden season! It’s easy and fun, too. There’s nothing like sticking a few pieces of potato...

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