I don’t want to say goodbye to June. It’s been so sweet, so gentle and lovely and full of summer fun. All the excitement and anticipation of summer is June, not too hot or buggy yet. The garden season is still fresh and young. We’ve been graced with an abundance of local strawberries, blueberries, and our own first crop of raspberries. Lots of beautiful, luscious things like blackberries, squash, cucumbers and tomatoes are just beginning to appear.

We’ve been busy at Lady Farmer, not only with events but with some real progress in our clothing design and development and also preparing for our crowdfunding campaign going live in the fall. On June 11th we were privileged to be featured at a screening of the “The True Cost” documentary and a Q&A panel hosted by Patagonia in Georgetown. It’s so inspiring to see people getting excited about slow fashion, especially when they are just being introduced to the whole concept.

Post-screening panel/Q&A upstairs at Patagonia!

Then on the 17th we took part in the oh-so-magical Maker’s Meals dinner at Wollam Gardens flower farm in Virginia. The evening was exquisite in every way, the beautiful farm, the food, the weather and the lovely table setting (featuring our hand dyed organic napkins, a first peek at our Lady Farmer Home Collection to come!) Back home we celebrated the summer solstice with a restorative yoga and essential oil/acupressure class in the barn, led by myself (yoga) and Barbara Stouffer of Sweet Water Herbs guiding us through the oil and acupressure therapy.

Then there was “Field and Fiddle,” a fantastic evening of food, fun and entertainment (created, organized and carried out by Lady Farmer extraordinaire Ellen Letourneau) and sponsored by the Montgomery Countryside Alliance in support and celebration of the Montgomery County Agricultural Reserve, a rare gem of a community we are lucky enough to call home. Not the least in the line-up of the entertainment for the evening was The Medley District, a sweet sounding folk a cappella group made up of five of our community’s Lady Farmers who like to sing in their “spare” time. (You might recognize the one on the left).

Yet even with all the activity, there are always the slow living moments to cherish. All we have to do is notice them. Here are a few of my own that I recall as June makes its gentle exit–morning coffee and conversation on the porch, bird watching, meadow walks with the dogs, one particular evening with hubby sitting out in the breezy garden at dusk amongst the flowers, another evening on the lawn at Mt Vernon with some wonderful young people, listening to bluegrass and watching a sunset over the Potomac. Then there was the night we camped out at Wollam Gardens after the dinner. It was hot so I was lying on my back with my head sticking out of the tent, but nowhere close to sleeping for the dazzling display of a giant Chinese Chestnut tree spreading out above me, so alive with the twinkling of what looked like a million fireflies, like it was electrified with a life force beyond comprehension. I’ll try not to get too existential in describing my experience. Let’s just suffice it to say it made me feel a part of something very, very big and I’ll never forget it.

So, goodbye sweet June. I have heard the July flies and their timing is precise, so even without a calendar I know you are moving on. Here comes hot, brash July with its barbecue and bang, heat waves and hot peppers. Bring it on–it’s all good!

– Mary

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