Lady Farmer Spring Playlist

Mar 19, 2020 | Reflections


Spring is here!

Before we were being socially distant, we went to see the new “Emma.” in theatres, and it was nothing but a delight. As a long-time Jane Austen fan, and of course always partial to this particular story as I share the name, there was nothing better than this new version coming out around my birthday and starring my high-school music crush, Johnny Flynn, no less.

Anyway, that’s why you’ll find a bunch of songs from the Emma soundtrack on our Spring playlist, as these are the tunes that have been ushering us into this next season. While everything changes around us, just remember there is still so much to look forward to – like flowers, and sun, and every day that passes is one day closer to when we’ll all be able to gather again. I love you all, and love making playlists for you, so I hope you enjoy. 





Sustainable for Who?

Sustainable for Who?

Through our work with Lady Farmer, we have learned that a regenerative world means opting for something other than cheap labor and environmental degradation for the sake of convenience and low prices. This can mean many things, from living completely off-grid, to...

Check Your Consumer Privilege

Check Your Consumer Privilege

The inequality of consumer privilege in our culture is yet another aspect of systemic racial injustice, yet it generally goes unrecognized.  In fact, the subject is most often avoided, because connecting the dots that lead to this reality reveal some staggering and difficult truths regarding our own consumer habits.  But isn’t that what dismantling a broken system is all about? 

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