Lady Farmer Winter Playlist

Happy Winter Solstice!

We made another playlist on Spotify for my ladies who love a little seasonal soundtrack. There’s just a *hint* of Holiday Cheer, but not too much since I hope these songs last you all winter long.

When I finished making it, I realized it was really more of an ode to endings and beginnings. Some of the songs are pretty sad. A lot of them are really happy. I hope you find yourself looking out the window to a barren landscape and letting the words and melodies speak comfort and joy. Or even melancholy, which I thank winter every year for making space for that feeling.

So with that, we wish a Happy Winter Solstice to all, and please enjoy this gift from us … here’s to an old year, the new year, the cozily cold, long short days, found time, and lost time. We hope these tunes help get you through.



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