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Emma graduated from Sewanee: The University of the South with a degree in American Studies and a minor in French. Upon graduating, she worked in outdoor adventure education until moving abroad to teach English in France, then back home to study design & aesthetics with Joy Thigpen. She’s always loved clothes and developing her own style, but it wasn’t until learning of the environmental and humanitarian crisis that is the world’s fashion industry today that she realized she could combine this love with an honest purpose and mission. Lady Farmer was born in this intersection, and has evolved into so much more. Day-to-day, she works on designs, makes connections, and develops content while leaving time to get her hands dirty. Art and poetry keep her inspired, along with all of her Lady Farmer friends from whom she learns things on a daily basis.


Mary was born in Kingsport, Tennessee surrounded by the hills of southern Appalachia. Writing and a sense of place have always been an important part of her journey. As she continues to weave the narrative of her own life, the connecting thread is the desire to teach and share the stories and discoveries of each chapter. With two published works of fiction (Angel and All the Pieces) and the kids grown, she and her husband decided to realize a long held dream and made the move to a small farm in Maryland. The homesteading lifestyle has fit her like a pen to paper, as she spends the better part of everyday outside, living and learning close to the rhythms of the natural world. It has taught her that life is better, healthier and happier when we bring heart and passion to the basics. Being intentional about how we feed and clothe ourselves and ultimately how we live is her day-to-day goal. That’s why she has teamed up with Emma to create a community of conscious creators in this exciting new paradigm.

Mary is the writer, do-er, teacher, encourager, and idea developer behind Lady Farmer. She brings her homesteading experience and lots of heart to the table, and she’s so happy to join you here.

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