The Lady Farmer cares deeply about personal connection, cultivating meaningful relationships with the people in her life and the land under her feet. She understands her individual impact on the world and our future, has a motherly instinct whether for her own children or others, and lives the mantra “it takes a village” in every aspect of her life. Most importantly, she’s globally-minded but locally invested. Whether she owns and cultivates country acreage, tends to a home garden or dwells in the city with a desire to create space in her life for sustainable living, The Lady Farmer sows the seeds of slow living all around her.

we are lady farmers, and we invite you to join us.

OUR mission

We strive to cultivate a community for those seeking independence from existing food and fashion systems that are harmful to the planet and its people. We offer functional, fashionable, sustainable clothing and products for the intentional lifestyle, and we are a resource for the modern woman of all ages who yearns for a simpler way of life.
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