the lady farmer slow living retreat

NOVEMBER 10TH & 11TH 2018

a weekend exploration of sustainable living, celebrating community, connection and self-care

Weekend Overview

The Lady Farmer Slow Living Retreat is for the modern woman seeking an inspired and healthful life through changes in energy management, consumer behavior and daily rituals.

2 Days of Workshops

Farm-To-Table Meals

Weekend Country Escape

Community of Women

This weekend immersion in workshops, speakers and a supportive community, all taking place in a beautiful natural setting, is a gift to yourself, providing you with the tools to create your best life in all of its essence.

Workshop Offerings Sneak Peek:

We’ll be at the beautiful Zigbone Farm Retreat from Friday, November 9th until Sunday, November 11th.

On Saturday, you will have the opportunity to participate in 3 workshops out of 5-6 that will be offered. You’ll sign up for your chosen workshops at check-in on the day of the event.

Our current offerings for Saturday include:

Savor the Seasons: Slow Gardening with Mo Moutoux

Slow gardening is not just about growing something delicious or beautiful. It’s about partnering with nature as a powerful form of self nurturing, a healing endeavor for a culture that has become separate from all that sustains us. Learn about how to grow something wherever you are, the health benefits of many easy-to-grow plants and how to use them, cultivating bliss and vitality in the process.

Practice Creates Ritual: An Affirmation Writing Workshop with Alexandra Elle

Join Alexandra Elle in cultivating community through affirmation writing and open conversation. We will lean into positive self-talk, and the practice of showing up for ourselves in a way that no one else can. Bring your journals, favorite pen, and an open heart with you as we slow down and make time, preparing to build self worth and shift into positive self-view as our personal self-care rituals take shape in a safe space.

Seasons, Cycles and Living in Rhythm with Pleasance Silicki

Join Pleasance in an interactive, lively discussion & collaborative learning workshop based on following the cycles of Nature and how we can align our lives, our schedules and increase our energy. Based in Ayurvedic traditions, we will learn and dive into the basics of tracking the moon cycles for more abundance in all areas of our life!

Learning from Trees: Claiming the Energy and Power to Prosper Yourself and the World with Kathleen Ammalee Rogers

In this experiential workshop you will practice skills for consciously accessing your core energy using the example and wisdom of trees as our model. You will discover how your life force connects you to your environment and with others. Using exercises and guided meditation, we will explore how this innate system can strengthen you, your health, your family and your community.

Sunday's Workshop: The Nature Effect & Slow Parenting

Sunday’s programming will be an in-depth exploration of nature as our guide in the pursuit of slow living, an excellent opportunity for anyone to gain an understanding of how outdoor experience and play contributes to human brain development, health and general well being. This day-long workshop applies to every person seeking more nature connection in their lives and also for parents, grandparents, and teachers who would like to incorporate these concepts as foundational to childhood education.

In addition to the workshop on Sunday there will also be supplemental yoga, informal sharing and discussion groups including a time for Q and A with Lady Farmer, and opportunities to soak up the peaceful surroundings of Zigbone Farm Retreat.

Speakers and Workshop Leaders

Amy DuFault

Keynote Speaker

Alexandra Elle

Workshop Leader

Pleasance Silicki

Workshop Leader

Mo Moutoux

Workshop Leader

Shayn Gangidine

Speaker + Presenter

Kathleen A. Rogers

Workshop Leader
Positive Vision Network

Weekend Schedule

(subject to change)

Friday + Saturday

Friday 7:30pm - 9:00pm

7:30pm - 9:00pm | Friday Welcome Gathering at the Zigbone House

Welcome Gathering and bonfire for all conference attendees.

Saturday 6:45am -9:00am

6:45am -9:00am | Saturday Conference Check-in

(7:00 am yoga for anyone interested)


8:30am | Hot Breakfast by Green Plate Catering

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Sign up for your three workshops of the day. Your options are:

  1. Savor the Seasons: Gardening in Any Space
  2. Practice Creates Ritual: An Affirmation Writing Workshop
  3. Season Cycle and Living in Rhythm
  4. Claiming Energy and Prosperity in Your Life

9:30am | Lady Farmer: Opening Remarks


10:00am | Keynote Speaker

Amy Dufault: Conscious Consumerism in the Modern World


11:15am | Workshop Session #1


12:15pm | Lunch Green Plate Catering

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1:00pm | Lady Farmer Talks

Farm-to-Closet - A Zero Waste Discussion


2:15pm | Workshop Session #2


3:30pm | Workshop Session #3


5:00pm | Group Discussion: Taking It Home - Kathleen Rogers

How to Take everything you learned from the weekend and implement it into your daily life.


6:00pm | Happy Hour


6:30pm | Farm to Table Dinner by Green Plate Catering Featuring Hyper Local Food and Wine

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8:00pm | Bonfire with slow living s’mores



9:00am | Hot Breakfast by Green Plate Catering

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10:00am | Yoga with Arrin Sutliff

A relaxed pace class for all levels, including a guided meditation and aromatherapy


11:30am | Nature Therapy Workshop

Connecting to Nature Wherever You Are


12:30pm | Lunch by Green Plate Catering

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1:00pm | Nature Therapy Workshop Continued

Tools to Encourage Play for Your Child


2:30pm | BREAK


3:00pm | What’s Next for Lady Farmer

Behind the Scenes and Sneak Peeks


4:00pm | End of Retreat

The Food

All wonderful meals are included in the registration for the weekend! We will be serving nourishing farm-to-table meals that are organic and locally sourced. This event is striving to be as close to zero waste as possible. For the tentative weekend menu, see here.

Green Plate Catering focuses on fresh, locally sourced, seasonal produce to anchor menus from sophisticated to simple. Our familiarity with the breadth of vegan and vegetarian fare is matched only by our accomplished repertoire in gluten-free recipes. Green Plate Catering creates satisfying events with a responsible carbon-footprint.

Green Plate Catering partners with local farmers and produce co-ops to bring the freshest harvest of fruits and vegetables to our customers. We craft artisanal baked goods in our own kitchen, or source them from independent bakeries. We consult the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch guidelines when finalizing ocean-sourced dishes. We contract with farms where the livestock and poultry eat a species-appropriate diet and live in pastured environments.

Green Plate Catering’s non-animal bio-waste (95% overall) is committed to a local composting program. We recycle or compost over 87% of our total waste by weight. Our emphasis on non-disposable, compostable and recyclable dishware carries through to the preparation and packaging of every recipe produced in our kitchen.

Green Plate Catering is proud to be a Clean Energy Business and EPA Green Power Partner. By supporting local wind and solar projects through national clean energy provider, Arcadia Power, we are committed to building a brighter future for everyone by using renewable power, supporting local green jobs that cannot be outsourced, and fighting pollution and climate change.

We're really excited to bring you this incredible dining experience all weekend...all meals are included in your registration!

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The Lady Farmer Slow Living Retreat

All meals are included in pricing. Flexible payment plans are available at checkout. 

There are 3 retreat ticket options: 1) Full Weekend Pass 2) Saturday Pass 3) Sunday Pass. See the Weekend Schedule to get an overview of the programming offered each day. All meals are included in pricing.

If you’re coming from out of town and need help finding lodging, contact us at for more information. 



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