The Lady Farmer Guide to Slow Living


We present our guide for cultivating sustainable simplicity close to home…now in a beautifully designed, hold-in-your-hand, paperback book!

Mary E. Kingsley, co-founder of Lady Farmer, has woven an easy-to-digest narrative of stories, recipes, tips, tricks, and reflection…as well as a 21-Day Slow Living Shift.

Illustrations by Eileen M. Schaeffer

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A small guide for those seeking a life of beauty, simplicity, and sustainability.

In this simple and inspiring lifestyle handbook, Mary E. Kingsley – novelist, wife, mother, homesteader and co-founder of Lady Farmer – briefly discusses the history of humanity’s relationship with the natural world, how that relationship has shifted, and how the concept of “slow living” can return health to ourselves and our planet. This guide not only includes an exploration of the damage done by our fast-food, fast-fashion, fast-everything culture, but offers simple ways each of us can help to heal that damage.

Though she lives and works on a small farm herself, the information Kingsley provides in this handy guide can be implemented in city and suburb, helping all of us feel more connected and less out of step with our environment. The Lady Farmer Guide to Slow Living includes stories, tips, recipes, resources, ideas, and questions to get you thinking about your own relationship to the planet, what you eat, what you wear, where you live, and how you live. It even contains three weeks of daily thought exercises to lead you in the process.

The Lady Farmer Guide to Slow Living is the perfect introduction for anyone looking to live a slower, more connected, and more harmonious life on Planet Earth.

Illustrations by Eileen M. Schaeffer

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