Sowing Seeds of Slow Living – Join our 2020 Challenge!

Jan 29, 2020 | Slow Living


Sowing seeds of slow living is our mantra at Lady Farmer. Simplifying our belongings, prioritizing good choices in food and clothing, and choosing sustainable habits have a positive impact on ourselves, our community and our planet. In 2019, the Lady Farmer community welcomed the new year with a 7-day Slow Living Challenge. Together we took on a full week of exercises to slow down, refocus and share our thoughts and experiences.

In 2020, we have an even bigger challenge! Join us in our 5-week Slow Living Challenge beginning February 16th, when we will take a few, small steps towards building a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle. It costs you nothing to participate!

Each Sunday morning we’ll be sharing a new challenge theme for the week. We’ll include a special, preview selection from the upcoming Lady Farmer Guide to Slow Living (pre-order information coming soon!)  which will give insight into that week’s topic, along with a discussion of the theme, and concrete actions you can take to implement these ideas into your life.

It’s true that slowing down is easily talked about, but not so easily done! We know how difficult it is to balance busy schedules at work and at home with practices that don’t always fit into our modern way of life. Our goal is to guide you in attainable steps towards more simplicity, ease and sustainability in your daily life–and to make it interesting and fun along the way!  It’s all about making those small shifts, and it helps to do it with the support of others. Follow along with us and other Lady Farmers using the hashtag #SlowLivingChallenge to share ideas and meet our community.

Join the Slow Living Challenge.

We look forward to seeing how you slow down, and encourage journaling thoughts, emotions and insights as you go!


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