the lady farmer slow living retreat

NOVEMBER 15TH – 17TH 2019

a weekend exploration of sustainable living.

celebrating community, connection, and self-care

limited spaces available

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the lady farmer slow living retreat

NOV 15TH-17TH, 2019

a weekend exploration of sustainable living, celebrating community, connection and self-care

Thought-provoking, relaxing, delicious, and a needed refresh!

The Retreat was a marvelous way to help focus my intentions on things that matter as I restarted the family business last year — namely balance, sustainability, creativity, and family.


Retreat Overview

The Lady Farmer Slow Living Retreat is for the modern woman seeking an inspired and healthful life through changes in energy management, consumer behavior, and daily rituals.

2 Days of Workshops

Farm-To-Table Meals

Weekend Country Escape

Community of Women

This weekend immersion in workshops, speakers and a supportive community, all taking place in a beautiful natural setting, is a gift to yourself, providing you with the tools to create your best life in all of its essence.

(tell me more!)

We’ll be at the beautiful Zigbone Farm Retreat from Friday evening, November 15th until Sunday afternoon, November 17th. Staying on-site is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis, but Saturday-only tickets will be available as well as the option to attend workshops all weekend while staying off-site.

On Saturday & Sunday, you will have the opportunity to participate in community sessions presented by Mary and Emma of Lady Farmer, as well as your choice of workshops including yoga, nature healing, sourdough starting, natural dyeing with flowers, and more…


and about the food….

The kind of full plate we celebrate

Nourishment for both body and soul is our top priority for the weekend, so we’ve planned the meals with the utmost care and intention…fresh and locally supplied, prepared and served by Enjoy Culinary Co. We chose this company based on their commitment to the highest quality in sourcing and sustainability as well as their goals for dealing with waste, which is mostly composted or recycled.

We’re particularly excited about our special meal on Saturday evening, a delicious farm-to-table dinner featuring locally sourced fare, including local Walsh Family Wines and a signature dessert. The dinner will be a highlight of our weekend celebrating the best of slow living…community, sharing, learning, and nourishing.


more on our workshops & leaders:

Living Life Through a Yogic Lens with Jackie Horstmann

What does it mean to life life breath to breath and through a yogi lens? As we explore sustainable living all weekend, this session will allow you to grow into your personal yoga practice to bring space, breath, and purpose to practice.

You’ll leave with a special guide to living through a yogic lens and feeling refreshed and ready to build community, self-love, and confidence.


About Jackie

Finding a balance between bring and doing is how yoga manifests in my life. Teaching brings me joy and I love sparking loight and sunshine in others. Yoga has given me the gift of slowing down, having fun, and savoring life. 

Jacquelyn Horstmann Didio has been practicing for over 14 years. She is a RYT200 and teaches regular classes in Falls Church, VA at The Yogi Underground and in Clarendon, VA at CorePower Yoga. She has also been a visiting teacher at Shaw Yoga in Washington, DC and Sky Yoga Wellness in Skaneateles, NY.


Natural Dyeing with Sophie Kanter

The class will focus on indigo and natural dyeing. We will discuss and discover ways to extract color from nature, capture it on cloth and then modify it. Each participant will be provided with items to dye and are welcome to bring a few small items from home, such as old t-shirts, pillowcases, or tote bags. 

About Sophie

Sophie Kanter is a natural dye artist from Silver Spring, Maryland. She fell in love with textile arts from a young age, and then discovered natural dyeing while living in the Bay Area. She is happiest when combining dyeing and upcycling, making old garments new with natural color, mending, and other fashionable but practical fixes. Other than dyeing, she loves working with children, staring at plants, and making (and eating) chocolate chip cookies.

Nature Healing with Wanda Knapik

Permaculture Designer Wanda Knapik, will explore the intersection of permaculture design and biodynamic agriculture, focusing on nature’s relationships and plant guilds that nourish our Mother Earth as well as our mind, body and spirit.  Weaving in indigenous wisdom and celebration, a sacred ceremony will be performed, honoring the web of life and natural elements: water, wind, fire and earth.

About Wanda

Wanda Knapik is a wilderness explorer and outdoor enthusiast during all seasons, ecological designer, gardener, chef, educator, writer, artist and environmental activist.  As the owner of My Local Garden, she focuses on regenerative design solutions and installs organic vegetable and herb gardens in New Jersey and New York.  Her passion is in educating and inspiring children and adults of all ages to connect with nature, understand local and global ecological issues, and make a positive impact in the world.

Natural Beauty with Becky of Take Care Shop

Take Care Founder, Becky Waddell, created Take Care after seeing a need for a healthy skincare and lifestyle community in Washington, DC. A devoted plant-based lifestyle follower for many years, she found DC (and the marketplace in general) to be missing a thoughtful place that celebrated independent and plant-based skincare + beauty. 

Out of a personal passion for skincare, and training in biology and community engagement, she created an intimate collection in a small studio off the beaten track while working full time. There, she discovered that her clients were seeking something different: a personal, compassionate experience that flipped the script on beauty buying from “You need this to look beautiful,” to “You are lovely just as you are, and these products are here to help you reconnect with yourself and achieve your skincare dreams.”

Beyond finding products that work with incredibly nourish ingredients, Becky found that two worlds were beginning to merge: beauty and wellness. Thrilled at the prospect of re-claiming our personal care routines as opportunities for quiet moments, self reflection, and even meditation, she knew it was time to say goodbye to her humble studio and create a wellness space that stressed out, busy, passionate, active DC dwellers truly needed. Enter Take Care.

Sourdough 101 with Arrin Sutliff

Learn about natural leavens in bread baking. Participants will start their own natural yeast culture (sourdough starter) and learn best practicing in keeping it happy and fed. We’ll discuss naturally leavened vs commercial leaven, flour varieties, and tips to baking in a home oven.

Arrin is a floral artist and all around maker. She grew up amongst hundreds acres of fresh fruit and vegetables on her grandparents farm and experienced a simple, fulfilling life. She has since brought these practices learned into a city environment. She resides and creates in a home studio in Washington DC. 


here’s what past participants have to say:

Hear from Karen

Thank you Lady Farmer for bringing together two of my favorite worlds and sparking so much love! Fashion and food tied together with tips and trips to live more slowly, sustainably, carefully. Your Slow Living Retreat was perfectly beautiful, relaxing, delicious, thought-provoking, and inspiring. A true gift. – Karen

Hear from Kim

The Lady Farmer retreat was truly unique and refreshing and has spoiled me for any other retreat of its kind. Their premise was all about slow living and even now, 6 months later, I truly think about the messages and women I connected with on a daily basis and have modified how I look at everything in my life – from how we eat to what we wear and the tools needed for my children to grow up in this ever-changing world. I am looking forward to the next chance to gather with and learn from the team of amazing teachers and leaders who happen to be women. – Kim

Hear from Leslie

The Lady Farmer retreat was a trail head for me.  I was able to walk down paths I’ve never been, but had the great fortune of meeting people along the way with different levels of terrain experience and their own systems of navigation.  A place where everyone brought what has worked for them, with the goal of having it changed for the better by the group. Familiarity and organization, flexibility and friendliness. So glad to have an opportunity in my own region to physically visit and meet with others in discussion over what has mattered to me for many years. – Leslie

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