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Our community of women is invested in real change - in themselves, their families, their communities - in a way that is accessible on a daily basis, from what they plant to what they eat to what they wear.
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Apparel Manufacturing is one of the highest polluting industries on the planet.

There has to be a better way to do it, and we’ve set out to make that happen. We’re sowing seeds and growing alternatives.

We’re getting back to our roots.

We are currently creating lifestyle workwear to fit the body, mind and soul that reflects our aesthetics, values, and need.


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our mission:

We strive to cultivate a community for those seeking independence from existing food and fashion systems that are harmful to the planet and its people. We offer functional, fashionable, sustainable clothing and products for the intentional lifestyle, and we are a resource for the modern woman of all ages who yearns for a simpler way of life.

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(651) 347-4369

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