The ALMANAC is a private Lady Farmer Membership Network.

Inside The ALMANAC, you will join a growing community of people who are seeking a slower, more sustainable lifestyle, guided by simplicity, beauty, and connection with the natural world. Hosted by Lady Farmer and led by the rhythms of the seasons, this is a space for us to come together in an exploration of the life-changing paradigm shift of slowing down. Here you will find workshops, articles, activities, recipes, essays, music, and much more on topics such as sustainable food, clothing, the arts of making, and the power of our daily consumer choices. Join in on member-exclusive events such as themed virtual monthly gatherings, live podcast recordings and quarterly book club meetings, where you can connect, share with and learn from fellow ALMANAC members on your slow living journey.

The ALMANAC opens at distinct times based on the seasonal shifts, and coinciding with our Intensive Workshops. Memberships are available at a monthly or annual rate.

enrollment is currently closed

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