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Cultivating the Creative Life with Liz Kimball

Apr 30, 2021 | The Good Dirt Podcast


Welcome to The Good Dirt, Episode 40!

Liz Kimball (MFA, CPC) is a creativity catalyst, writer, coach, speaker, and founder of The Collective, a network of women creators and thought leaders dedicated to fostering cultural change through creativity. Her work has been featured at TEDx, Oprah.com, the NBA, The Guggenheim, NYU, and at universities and institutions throughout the country. In today’s episode, we talk about the creative process from many angles, how pursuing our dreams might not be the straight path we imagine, how to foster our creative selves in a world that demands much from us, and how some of these things might be shifting from the pandemic year. Liz talks about the importance of detaching yourself from labels that you’ve placed on yourself since adolescence. Your work in the world is much more important than a title. We discuss how the ideas of slow living and “good dirt” are essential to cultivating the creative life, and building a future we can’t wait to wake up to!

Listen to our conversation below!


1:30 – Mary & Emma catch up and chat about plants!

7:00 – Liz introduces herself

20:00 – Rewriting the rules

23:00 – The Collective

27:00 – Discussion around time

35:00 – The creative process

50:00 – Mary recalls her own journey with her creative process



Liz’s Website – The Collective

Liz’s TED Talk

The Sound of The Genuine – Howard Thurman

Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert

The ALMANACSharon Bailey’s Workshop (available to members only) 

Lynn Felton – @bonzart on Instagram

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