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Live Recording with Natalie Chanin

Nov 20, 2020 | The Good Dirt Podcast



Welcome to The Good Dirt, Episode 20!



In this special live episode, Mary and Emma talk with Natalie Chanin, the founder and creative director of Alabama Chanin, about sustainability in the clothing industry. Alabama Chanin is a lifestyle company producing ethically and responsibly manufactured clothing and home goods. Alabama Chanin is known for being at the forefront of the slow fashion movement, including slow design, cultural preservation and zero-waste initiatives in their practices. In this episode, Natalie shares with us her experience in managing a small business that has grown into something much bigger, and the conversations she has to endure to create balance.

Tune in to our conversation below!


11:00 – An introduction to Natalie and the trajectory of her career

14:40 – Natalie’s documentary, Stitch

18:00 – Issues in the fashion industry

21:00 – A reflection on food and clothing in past generations

28:00 – How Natalie has held on to older customs and techniques in her business

36:00 – Overcoming hardships as a sustainable business

43:45 – How community ties into Alabama Chanin

51:00 – Shifts of the fashion industry

58:00 – What is Natalie’s favorite piece of her brand to wear?

1:03:00 – Do you see a good future for more organic textile production in the US?

1:06:20 – Connection between Alabama Chanin and The Good Dirt

1:07:46 – Certifications and small businesses

1:13:00 – How often do you rotate your wardrobe?

1:14:30 – What is it that Natalie wants people to know about her work?



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