Homeschooling in the New Normal with Rebecca Gallop of A Daily Something

Jul 24, 2020 | The Good Dirt Podcast


Ideas & Encouragement For a New Era of Schooling

If you are one of many parents across the country right now,  uncertain of what “back-to-school” means for you and your child this fall, this episode is for you!

Given the uncertainties surrounding the reopening of schools, many parents are considering the transition to full time homeschooling.  Others don’t feel confident in taking that step, and are going with the “schooling-at-home” programs that their own schools are offering.
What’s the difference in these approaches, how can they encompass slow living, and what are all the possibilities in between the two? Wherever you are on the spectrum of options for the school year, we hope you’ll tune in to our conversation with veteran homeschooler Rebecca Gallop (@adailysomething) to discuss these distinctions and all that this situation has to offer,  Yes, without a doubt there are challenges, but we think this episode with Rebecca will help you gain a new perspective, and will leave you excited and inspired to explore this unique opportunity for you and your family.
Follow along with Rebecca on Instagram @adailysomething or on her blog, A Daily Something.



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