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Living in Rhythm; Women’s Well Being with Sharon Bailey

Apr 2, 2021 | The Good Dirt Podcast


Welcome to The Good Dirt, Episode 36!

Today’s guest is Sharon Bailey of The Glow Emporium, a woman’s wellness education and empowerment community. As a homesteader, mother, entrepreneur, and educator living in a small mountain town, Sharon espouses a life lived in sync with nature, and helps other women connect with their own feminine rhythms for a happier and healthier lifestyle. Emphasizing the counter- cultural art of slowing down as a fundamental necessity for coping with the many demands of women today, Sharon offers empowering information and advice for dealing with exhaustion and burnout. In this conversation, Sharon shares her own story of early challenges that led to destructive habits in early adulthood, and how through the experience of giving birth and early motherhood, she came to an understanding of the necessity for taking care of herself and her body. Her passion for supporting other women on the path to claiming full health and well being for themselves has led to the work she does today.

Listen to our conversation below!


1:30 – Mary and Emma talk about planning by the moon

Let’s get into the interview!

6:53 – Sharon introduces herself

9:00 – How did Sharon get into health and wellness?

16:15 – The current mission of The Glow Emporium

25:00 – Planning around your hormonal cycle

32:00 – What are we trading our time for?

40:00 – Making sustainability more accessible

48:00 – What does Sharon want us to most take away from this conversation?



The Glow Emporium

The Glow Apothecary

Unrefined SHE Podcast

The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan

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